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Top Kitchen Designers in Howard County

Howard County is an affluent community located in the central part of Maryland. It is home to Columbia and Ellicott City, two large cities with great neighborhoods and beautiful homes. Howard County is a popular county to move to and settle down, which is why it is important to have a great team of kitchen designers ready to help you create an amazing space in your home! Signature Kitchen, Additions, and Bath are here to bring that dream to life. 

Small Kitchen? No Problem!

Say goodbye to feeling frustrated with the small size of your kitchen. With our kitchen designers, the possibilities are endless! We know how to make a kitchen functional, elegant, and an awesome space for you to enjoy – no matter the size. Your kitchen space is probably not even as small as you may think it is. It may feel impossible to fit everything in such a small space and keep your kitchen functional, but that is all in the design. A lot of times, when our kitchen designers are redoing a kitchen, we find a lot of design flaws that are easy to fix during a renovation. We have created tons of designs for small kitchens remodels in Howard County. Our kitchen designers like to think of it as a fun challenge! 

Define your Aesthetic with Help from our Kitchen Designers

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Our kitchen designers will help you establish your unique style.

We are sure that even without expert kitchen designers by your side, you have managed to take a peek at other kitchens and found inspiration. Do you like warm colors and textures that give the space a rustic feel? Or perhaps you enjoy dramatic accent lights and sleek, modern design elements? Whichever aesthetic fits you and your home best, we can help bring that vision together flawlessly and bring your broad ideas into a detailed finished masterpiece!

Let’s Talk About Countertops

A gorgeous kitchen has tons of design pieces that bring them together. You want it to look beautiful, but functionality is also vital. Your kitchen is a working space! It is where you cook, eat, and entertain. Most of this activity takes place on or around the kitchen’s countertops. So in addition to selecting your countertops based on how they enhance the kitchen’s appearance, consider how well they’ll function to meet your culinary needs as well. To determine the best kitchen countertops for you, we have compiled some specific questions about how you plan to use your kitchen…

  • Would you like to be able to cut your food right on its surface?
  • Do you and your family and friends like to drink red wine?
  • Do you see yourself putting hot pans and pots directly on the countertop?
  • Do you want an indestructible countertop or one that will develop its own character?

Interested in a Kosher Kitchen?

You may be interested in creating a kosher kitchen for your family to enjoy. Kosher kitchens are required to separate dairy “chalay” and meat “basar” in storage, preparation surfaces, serving dishes & utensils. Interpreting Kosher law and how stringently you want to adhere to it is a personal decision. Our kitchen designers in Howard County are more than happy to collaborate with you and create a space that meets all of your needs. 

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Signature Kitchens, Additions, and Baths has the best kitchen designers who are ready to transform your home with our expert process and services. A quality and well-designed kitchen in your Howard County home are within your reach! For more information about kitchen design in, visit our showroom and contact us today at 301-251-1880!


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