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Traits to Look for In a Kitchen Designer

by Posted on April 17, 2020

Traits to Look for In a Washington DC Kitchen Designer

Look for a Washington DC kitchen designer who demonstrates the following traits to make your kitchen remodeling experience the absolute best it can be.

Working with the right Washington DC kitchen designer can make or break your kitchen remodeling experience. You may already know what to try to achieve with your Washington DC kitchen design, whether it’s to improve its function or make some aesthetic upgrades. However, developing a realistic plan to create the kitchen of your dreams takes far more work than you think. This is why Washington DC homeowners looking to complete kitchen renovations, big or small, should work with a kitchen designer! You’re not without choices when it comes to hiring one too. Look for a Washington DC kitchen designer who demonstrates the following traits to make your kitchen remodeling experience the absolute best it can be.

Excellent Communicator

Your Washington DC kitchen designer should be an excellent communicator. Communication is vital to several facets of their role. They need to clearly convey their ideas and present their rationale for their recommendations when developing preliminary and final design plans for your kitchen remodel. Not only would they need to express their vision clearly to you, they need to relay this information just as succinctly but with more technical terms to various contractors or vendors. Of course, you’ll want to stay in frequent contact with the Washington DC kitchen designer to get updates on the project progress. Excellent communication skills would involve initiating timely check-ins 

Handles Criticism and Feedback Well

Even with their expertise and confidence in their decisions, a good Washington DC kitchen designer is prepared to hear homeowner feedback with an open mind. Ultimately, the homeowner decides how their kitchen remodeling will go. Kitchen designers are there to help more fully develop the homeowner’s ideas and offer suggestions. Still, no detail gets the go-ahead without the homeowner’s approval. Your Washington DC kitchen designer must be prepared to scrap their plans and try again with a winning attitude.

Highly Organized

Many fast-moving parts go into a kitchen remodel. The Washington DC kitchen designer is responsible for keeping track of every aspect to make sure execution is up to par. Kitchen designers dedicate a considerable amount of their time following up on deliveries, scheduling necessary inspections, and overseeing construction or installation work. Every detail must be accounted for, so only the most highly organized can succeed as a kitchen designer.

Passionate About Their Work

A Washington DC kitchen designer thrives on delivering exceptional results that go above and beyond homeowners’ expectations. They have a keen eye for design, a deep understanding of your style preferences, and the expert insight gathered from countless other projects under their belt. A great kitchen designer knows the remodel should incorporate more than design trends or the latest appliances. It should also remedy specific client concerns, such as maximizing storage and kitchen organization.

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