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Adding a Farmhouse Sink to Your Kitchen Design?

by Posted on January 17, 2020

Adding a Farmhouse Sink to Your Washington, D.C. Kitchen Design?

Washington, D.C.: Have your eye on a farmhouse sink for your next kitchen design?

The farmhouse sink captured the attention of homeowners everywhere and found its way into our kitchens. And for a good reason, too! These large kitchen sinks are as functional as they are beautiful. This sink style has become an instant classic in a charming Washington, D.C. kitchen design. Farmhouse sinks suit any style preference, from modern to traditional. But is it right for your Washington, D.C. kitchen design? Before you get swept up in the farmhouse frenzy, consider the pros and cons that may come with installing a farmhouse sink in your Washington, D.C. kitchen.

Farmhouse Sink Style

The farmhouse sink is known characteristically by a large, deep rectangular basin. It’s more commonly set into the under cabinet and counter space so that it’s flush with the countertops. The under-mounted sink has its front-facing portion of the basin exposed, so this style is also known as an apron front sink. The sink basins can be constructed from many materials. It can also have built-in dividers, although the traditional design consists of one large bowl.

Despite it’s luxurious status in today’s elegant kitchens, the farmhouse sink came from humble beginnings. As its name suggests, this style of the sink was inspired by the old and rustic farmhouse aesthetic, which emphasizes a worn-in and practical element to the kitchen design. Before there was running water, people would fill up the large sink with clean water to do their daily washing up.


The farmhouse-style sink can be tailored to fit any Washington, D.C. kitchen design. The basin comes in many materials, including stainless steel, porcelain, enameled cast iron, marble, fireclay, and more. More customization to the appearance is made by changing up the faucet and hardware.

Aside from its attention-grabbing design, the farmhouse sink is excellent for practical everyday use. For homes that don’t have a dishwasher, the deep basin is great for washing up all those dishes, along with tricky larger items like pots and baking trays. Additionally, the exposed front apron of the basin is much thinner than any countertop space that divides you from the rest of the under-mounted sink. That small difference makes up for the deeper basin, which, in turn, puts less strain on your lower back and shoulders when working over the sink.


Installing a farmhouse sink in your Washington, D.C. kitchen design is a more significant project than a regular sink replacement. Because of the way under-mount farmhouse sinks sit into the counter, the under sink cabinets and even the countertop space need to be cleared away to accommodate the more massive sink. The base of the undercabinets, where the new basin will sit upon, will most likely need reinforcements to support the heavier weight of the huge bowl, plus more for water and dishes.

Adding a farmhouse sink requires other significant changes to your Washington, D.C. kitchen, so it’s far more worth the effort if you’re already planning a whole kitchen transformation. The kitchen will have less undercabinet and countertop space, which you can make up for with other strategic kitchen cabinet designs and by adding a kitchen island.

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