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Are Painted or Stained Kitchen Cabinets Better in Kitchens?

As most homeowners know, one of the crucial steps to remodeling their Howard County kitchens is choosing the perfect cabinets, and that includes their finish. Painted and stained kitchen cabinets reign as the top two choices across Howard County kitchens, so how does one choose which finish to go for? It may not be too surprising of an answer, but it all comes down to personal preference on a few factors. If you’re considering whether to add painted or stained kitchen cabinets to your Howard County kitchen, here are just a few aspects to consider.


Painted and stained kitchen cabinets reign as the top two choices across Howard County kitchens, so how does one choose which finish to go for?

Overall Impression

Howard County kitchens are diverse in size, style, and build. Therefore, it’s important to understand what type of overall aesthetic you want to achieve with your kitchen before choosing either painted or stained kitchen cabinets. Of course, you’ll also factor in your other kitchen design elements, like your countertops or floors. Generally, painted cabinets create a smooth and sleek finish and lend themselves to more contemporary stylings. Stained cabinets offer a more grand and typically warm impression to kitchen designs.

Color Impact

How much color do you want in your kitchen? Whether it’s a bold shade or neutral white or gray, painted cabinets in Howard County kitchens are far better options to inject your desired color into the interior. There are certainly several shades of wood stains too, but most are limited to the warm red to brown hue. With painted cabinets, your options are as limitless as the number of paint cans or spray paints available.

Unique Factor

While we’re mentioning color, it’s worth noting that your color selection or color pairings can make a kitchen design totally unique. However, some homeowners prefer to make their Howard County kitchens stand out by emphasizing the unique quality of the wood pattern and grain. A stain won’t hide these natural markings as paint would. This can also be a double-edged sword. Some folks like highlighting the wood grain and knots, while others can see staining wood as a way to put imperfections on display.

Cabinet Material

High-quality custom cabinets are available in several varieties of hardwood. You can most likely order or tell the cabinetmaker or contractor exactly what paint color you’d like them to finish your kitchen cabinets with during your new install or remodeling process. Hardwood does well with the professional application of the right primer and paint. It goes without saying that hardwood cabinets also take on a stain very nicely. Custom cabinets can also be made with furniture-grade MDF or medium-density fiberboard. For kitchen cabinets constructed from MDF, it’s best to stick with a painted cabinet finish.

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