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Kitchen Lighting Design Types Trending in Bethesda MD

by Posted on April 8, 2021

signature kitchen and bath kitchen lighting bethesda maryland

Lighting is an integral part of any kitchen that stands out to all guests.

Bethesda, MD, is a beautiful town to reside in, and your house there is stunning. Over the years, kitchens have become the ideal place not just to cook and clean but to do homework, study, and entertain guests.  But there’s nothing worse than having a kitchen design where it’s hard to see whatever you are doing. So, what is better than having a well-lit, high-visibility kitchen? This is possible only through spectacular kitchen lighting design. Here are a few kitchen lighting design types to help achieve that flawless, well-lit Bethesda, MD kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. 

Well To Do Ambient Lighting

Ambient kitchen lighting design is essentially all-over lighting. Think about when you turn on a light switch or open a window in a completely otherwise dark room. This overall light will illuminate the space. The ambient light design can be sourced wither from artificial light or natural light. It’s highly recommended to make good use of both if possible. Natural ambient kitchen lighting design is great during the day, but at night or on cloudy days, it becomes dark outside, so some artificial ambient lighting should be installed as well.

Task Lighting

Kitchens are areas of the house that are multi-purpose, and many different tasks are performed there on a daily basis. Usually, there are specific parts of the kitchen that these tasks are performed in, like underneath the stove hood or inside cabinets. Therefore having better lighting in these specific areas can help provide more visibility, making the task easier for the performer. Kitchen lighting design is especially important in task lighting since they are the second most functional element of kitchen lighting. Try a pendant or inset overhead light for a stylish choice in kitchen design for task lights!

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can sometimes be confused with task lighting, but they are actually different. Accent lighting is more for decorative purposes rather than practical functionality but can still provide needed light. Under-cabinet lighting is usually a good example of accent lighting. It adds to the overall cohesiveness of the kitchen lighting design. Additionally, accent lighting can be purely decorative to add a little design flair to your kitchen. Hanging lights, like over an island or wall lights between cabinets, are all beautiful forms of accent lighting that can greatly improve the overall look of your Bethesda, MD kitchen. 

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