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Kitchen Remodeling in Chevy Chase, MD

Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths is Trusted to Bring Your Kitchen Remodeling Project to Life in Chevy Chase, MD

Transform your home with a full kitchen remodeling project! As the focal point of the house, the kitchen holds a huge impact on the overall atmosphere. It shapes a guest’s first impression, encompasses your unique style, and acts as the heart of the home. An efficient and spacious kitchen layout can accommodate many guests, creating the perfect place for family meals or weekend parties. Updated appliances enhance the cooking experience and definitely give your kitchen a more polished aesthetic. The benefits of kitchen remodeling are endless, and the Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths team are here to bring that dream to life!

Kitchen remodeling Chevy Chase

From the hardware to the countertops, all details of the room define the kitchen style. Remodeling will enhance the room with a fresh design and innovative features.

Our team of remodelers and designers work together during the kitchen remodeling experience in Chevy Chase to keep the process collaborative and stress-free. From the cabinetry and tiling to the lighting fixtures, we customize each element of the kitchen to meet your budget and design preferences.

Our Expert Team

You can rest assured that you are in great hands with Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths! Our team of remodelers and designers are experts when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Our commitment to excellence and great quality is evident in every stage of the kitchen remodeling process – from designing to installation. We operate with great attention to detail, complete transparency, and clear communication between our team and every customer. During the kitchen remodeling process, designers and remodelers both play a crucial role. The two teams collaborate with their unique skills to bring your vision to life.

The Kitchen Remodeling Process

There are eight key steps to the kitchen remodeling process. Our team will work with you every step of the way! Each detail is laid out in advance to ensure a seamless remodeling process that keeps you in the loop but eliminates the overwhelming stress of any home improvement project.

Our 8 step remodeling process will bring your dream kitchen to life!

  • Acquire Permits: The building codes and requirements vary based on location. We will make sure that the remodeling plan follows the rules set in place by the Chase Chase, MD jurisdiction. Our team will submit paperwork that outlines all structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing procedures for permit approval.
  • Safety Guarantee: All kitchen remodeling projects present threats to your family’s safety. We strive to create a safe environment for our customers by installing duster barriers at all kitchen entries. However, we strongly recommend that customers keep children and pets out of the kitchen area until construction is complete.
  • Demolition: During the demolition stage, we rid the room of all appliances, cabinetry, wiring, and more. All plumbing and electrical systems are disconnected, and the room is framed for the remodel.
  • MEP: All mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work is outsourced to our trade contractors. These experts will set up all systems in the kitchen, and our team will work closely with the trade contractors to ensure quality work.
  • Building Inspection: Third party inspection services are offered for clients in Montgomery County. The building inspection makes sure that all work is up to code.
  • Close the Kitchen Remodel: We install drywall, flooring, cabinetry, appliances, and more. To add a final touch, we polish the room with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Final Touch Up: Our team will install the kitchen backsplash. A plumber installs the faucets and sets up the piping for the sinks. The electrician installs all lighting fixtures and sets up all cooking devices.
  • Enjoy your finished kitchen!

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Looking for kitchen remodeling inspiration? Come peruse our design showroom to see tons of great examples of kitchen designs. The showroom is located in Rockville, only a short drive away from Chevy Chase, MD. Our craftsmen team will be there to assist you with all remodeling questions and provide material samples for you to look through!

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