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Custom Cabinetry – Kitchen Banquette & Breakfast Nook Seating



Kitchen Banquette

If you’re at a restaurant and the Maitre d’ asks if you prefer a booth or a table, what do you say? If you select banquette seating, it’s likely because you find it more private, inviting and intimate. So why not enjoy it every day?

Kitchen Banquette – Breakfast Nook for Your Kids

Want a cozy corner for breakfast that brings the family together and saves on space? Perhaps you’d just like a convenient spot for the kids to do their home work while your husband is making Sunday breakfast in your recently remodeled kitchen…and you’re savoring the last few minutes in bed.

You of course… are dreaming of this while in bed! Ah.. heaven! Our kitchen designers are just that good, they can inspire husbands to cook.

Several years ago we did our first kitchen banquette in Bethesda. This year we are doing a kitchen design in Derwood or Olney with a long kitchen banquette. Over the years we do several custom kitchen banquette within our kitchen designs. Our clients have been especially happy with the added storage in the cabinets that serve as the seats. Access to the interior of these special kitchen cabinets can be flip tops or drawers. One of our best cabinetry lines Dura Supreme has cabinets specifically for us to design a custom kitchen banquette.

Custom Banquette Seating

All banquette and booth seating requires custom kitchen cabinets, carpentry and upholstery. The cabinets can match the rest of the kitchen for an integrated look or like an island they can be a completely different color and texture. Your designer will help you with the best decision.

A Small Kitchen Design Solution – The Kitchen Banquette

If you’re trying to make a small kitchen remodel as cozy and functional as possible, a built-in banquette might be the way to go. Small kitchens often abut small dining rooms in the Washington DC metro area. So even if you remove the wall that separates the two rooms, you still may have a relatively confined space to serve two purposes. The picture above with the red range was a custom kitchen banquette in Bethesda where we did exactly that. We knocked down the wall between a very small kitchen and a very small dining room and created a very satisfying kitchen remodel for Kathy Lindert of Bethesda.

Kitchen tables require more space than banquettes because you need room to maneuver the chairs. If you find your chairs creating scuff marks on the walls as you move them, a A custom kitchen banquette seating design can solve your problem. designers and together we can determine the best way to take advantage of the space you have and get the most out of your kitchen.


Unlimited Possibilities for Kitchen Booth Seating

Booth seating can be put in a corner, a three-sided bay window, part of a kitchen bump-out, or it can be free standing. You can even elevate the seating so it joins an elevated kitchen island.

The bottom line is that with our in-house kitchen designers and craftsman, we’ve crafted a multitude of designs, and can guide you to installations you might never have imagined. And if we can design it, we can build it.


We don’t make or supply upholstery however we have used used Yi’s in Rockville and recomend them. Yi’s.


The holidays are just around the corner. Come in and sit down and talk with a designer today!