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An Important Kitchen Remodeling Tip



Kitchen Designer or a Kitchen Remodeler who should you meet with first?

The kitchen design and remodeling process is not always an easy thing to get started, especially when you’re lost right at the beginning! At Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths, we have a unique answer that will get you on the right track right away. You should meet with both! Our designers and craftsmen work together seamlessly and each bring complementary individual talents and points of view to the table.

Kitchen Designers

Our kitchen designers view kitchen design as more of an art than a science. They are interested in the “why’s” of the project: why you feel you need a kitchen to remodel in the first place, whats wrong with the current kitchen, why you would prefer one type of flooring over another, etc. At your first meeting with one of our kitchen designers, you will be asked these questions and more. “Do you entertain often? Formal entertaining or casual?” “Do you want to be with your guests while you cook?” “Is ‘being green’ important to you?” We’ll ask if you and your husband or partner ’are right- or left-handed and what height the two of you are. Our kitchen designers match the answers to these questions with their knowledge of products, current design trends and your budget guidelines to design the perfect kitchen remodel for you.

Kitchen Remodelers

Our kitchen remodeling craftsmen view kitchen remodeling as more science than an art. They are more interested in the “how’s” of the project. From their point of view, a satisfying kitchen remodel revolves around the quality of the trim carpentry, the fit of the cabinetry, the room’s structure, the backsplash layout, the flooring design. Our kitchen remodel craftsmen focus on engineering issues, like whether TGI or LVL structural members would be the right product to give you the requested span between loads to open the kitchen to the family room. How the under cabinet lighting will be coordinated. As well as how the receptacles should be laid out.

Our Kitchen Designers and Kitchen Remodelers Work Together

At Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths, we believe that the best kitchen remodel requires both skillsets to work together throughout the remodeling process, from the drawing table all the way to the completion date. Why choose one over the other when both designers and craftsmen clearly have complementary talents that can make your kitchen remodel go all the more smoothly? Our designers, members of the NKBA and SEN, and our licensed remodelers, members of NARI and NAHB, work together to draw up a design for your dream kitchen and then make that dream a reality.

Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths

Our designers have been trained in Kitchen Design by SEN, NKBA, ASID, in style, structure, function, and arrangement. Unlike many Kitchen and Bath companies, We are a design, build, and remodeling contractor. We are licensed in The District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. Whether your house is in Bethesda, Potomac, DC, Georgetown, Alexandria or Arlington or anywhere else in the region, Signature can design a wonderful kitchen, addition, or bath for your home. We can also design & process permitable plans, add or move walls, floors, ceilings and roof lines. We’ll install lighting, plumbing, tile, and floor. Give us a call at: 301-251-1880. You can also email the owner, Gary Case, at


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