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The Best Lighting for Your Custom Cabinets

by Posted on December 13, 2019

Lighting for Your Gaithersburg Custom Cabinets

How will you add lights to showcase your Gaithersburg kitchen custom cabinets?

The right lighting is essential to any home kitchen design. From a practical standpoint, ample light lets you carry out kitchen tasks efficiently and safely. Installing a mix of different lighting and fixtures can also help showcase your beautiful Gaithersburg custom cabinets! There are several lighting applications one can incorporate throughout their Gaithersburg kitchen. Coupled with your unique Gaithersburg custom cabinet designs, there are different ways to enhance the beauty and function of your kitchen cabinets with perfect light installation. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired to add lights to your Gaithersburg custom cabinets.

Undercabinet Lighting

Installing undercabinet lighting is one of those projects that can transform the overall look of your kitchen cabinetry. What’s more, this type of task lighting is becoming the standard in most Gaithersburg kitchens. These lights install seamlessly into the underside of your upper cabinets, giving off plenty of light to brighten up your countertops. Lightbars or puck lights are commonly used for undercabinet lighting. More precise lighting lets you focus more on your workspace, makes reading recipes easier, and can even help you find your cabinet items faster. 

Inner Cabinet Lights

Installing lights within the cabinets boost functionality. This way, all your cabinet or drawer items are more visible. That means less time digging through the dark recessed areas of your Gaithersburg custom cabinets, like corner cabinets or under-sink cabinets. Inner cabinet lights are great additions to bathroom custom cabinets, as well. For a more aesthetic effect, install smaller accent lights within your glass cabinets to create a showcase type look. These are perfect for showing off the beautiful cabinet construction, or any dishware, glassware, or wine collections.

Above Cabinet Lights

Above cabinet lights, or over cabinet lights, help illuminate your Gaithersburg custom cabinets and the overall kitchen in a purely visual fashion. These lights aren’t bright enough to replace your regular overhead kitchen lights, but add dynamic visual interest to the kitchen space. These lights shine on or above the cabinets, drawing attention to the superior construction. If your cabinet doors have ornate carvings, these lights can dramatize and emphasize the shadows they cast.

Toe-Kick Lighting

Like above cabinet lighting, toe-kick lights also really only add ornamental or decorative appeal and less functional light. Still, toe-kick lighting can be a fabulous addition to any Gaithersburg kitchen. Install rope lights along the bottom edges of your undercabinets or around the kitchen island to add some illumination closer to the ground. Like the hidden toe-kick drawer, these lights are subtle and pretty much undetectable when not in use. These lights can cast beautiful shadows on your lower cabinets and drawers, or draw attention to your stylish kitchen flooring.

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