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Ideas For Your Hallway Bathroom Remodel

by Posted on March 19, 2021

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Just because a hallway bathroom usually lacks a shower or bathtub doesn’t mean it can’t be just as nice!

A hallway bathroom is a staple in any Olney, MD single-family home. Usually, these bathrooms are smaller than other bathrooms in the house, and some don’t even have a shower or bathtub. They are meant to receive more traffic than a master bathroom, which is generally reserved for homeowners. Although these are the bathrooms your guests are much more likely to use, redesigning them is tough due to their limited size. This can make a hallway bathroom remodel seem like a daunting task to a homeowner. But in reality, there is no genuine need to worry. Here are some fun and refreshing design tips on how to make your hallway bathroom remodel just as impressive as your master bathroom. 

Prepare Paint Colors for your Hallway Bathroom Remodel

A new paint scheme is one of the easiest ways to get your hallway bathroom remodel started. Colors are one of the first elements of a room the eye notices, after all. Try using lighter colors like pastel blues, whites, or greens, combined with blonde or oak laminate floors. Lighter colors trick the eye into making a room appear much larger than it is. Plus, any dirt or stains on light colors become much more visible, so you’ll easily know when the bathroom is ready for cleaning.

Replace Hardware Like Knobs and Cabinets

Cabinets are an essential part of any room in the house, but especially a hallway bathroom. Your hallway bathroom remodel should include cabinets to maximize the available space. Some cabinets are compact and engineered specifically for small spaces. Also, sometimes just replacing the knobs and bars on the cabinets can do a lot in terms of design. Try replacing it with a repurposed brushed metal look for extra splendor. 

Use What You Have Around The Home

A good idea to keep costs low for less taxing parts of the hallway bathroom remodel, like decorations, is to use what you already own. Have a painting that feels out of place in the living room? Maybe it will look better in the hall bathroom. Maybe you have that perfect hanging coat rack, but your hallway bathroom could use it even better as a towel rack. Take a tour of your Olney, MD home and see what you can be use elsewhere to add to the hallway bathroom look without any extra costs for new decor. 

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