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Kitchen Remodel Testimonial

Anika Do you remember like two years ago when I first came in? I was wondering, she has a pretty decent kitchen? Why, what’s the purpose of changing it?
Lisa It was a functional kitchen. There’s no doubt about that. But it was not my taste and I don’t think it fit with the rest of the house, the size of the house, the scale of the room. It’s a big kitchen and it underutilized it. It was functional, but I wouldn’t say efficient. It was cut by a peninsula, a peninsula that the kids couldn’t sit at. And it made traffic flow very difficult.
Anika Yeah, I remember what it was right there in the doorway.
Lisa Exactly. And it was very shallow, so the kids couldn’t get their legs under, let alone an adult. It just really didn’t use the space of the kitchen, didn’t do it justice. The cabinetry was in OK condition. It was going to eventually need to be replaced. And when we bought this house, we knew the kitchen needed to be improved and updated. And I looked at that as an opportunity to put in my dream kitchen. And that’s what we’ve done.
Anika Are you happy with the end result? It is something what you envisioned from the beginning?
Lisa It is, and in some respects it’s better than what I had visioned — with the fixtures, when you see them and the detail work, it really, it comes to life and I couldn’t be happier with the result.
Anika Especially you put so lot of work in picking the lights. Really the details.
Lisa The lights, the faucets, the pulls. We get lots of compliments. The missing link I think, that I wasn’t able, myself, at all to come with, was the countertop. And I knew early on in my research that I did want to have a two-toned kitchen. I wanted to have a white perimeter with a dark base cabinet at the island. And when you brought me this countertop, it all fell into place. And then the back splash, which we get compliments on all the time, showcases the hood, and it’s just, it’s really all come together.
Anika Can you tell us why you picked our company?
Lisa I think there were a number of things that brought me into Signature. The website was very easy and there was a lot of information on it. It asked questions of the reader that I was already asking and answered them. So when I called, and there was a showroom and I could see the materials and I could see my choices, it made an enormous difference. And of course working together with you. There wasn’t anything that I brought to you where you said, no, we can’t do that. There was nothing that you said, it has to be this way. And so, I think the relationship clicked, and we could work together, and it sort of evolved as the project went on.
Anika We became friends.
Lisa Yes. Absolutely.
Anika We had some nice trips. And we still have to open that champagne one day.
Lisa Yes. We’ll toast together.
Anika OK. Well, I hope you enjoy your beautiful kitchen.
Lisa Thank you.
Anika And you have many, many holidays and happy family get-togethers.
Lisa I’m sure that we will. That’s our intention.
Anika Thank you very much, Lisa.
Lisa Thank You.
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