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Client Testimonial – The Rustagis | Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths

Kitchen Remodel Testimonial

Gary My name is Gary Case, I'm with Signature Kitchens, Additions and Baths. And I'm here with Nara and Sumon Rustagi, who recently had their kitchen redone. And they were kind enough to have me come back over and spend a little bit of time talking about their kitchen remodel.
Nara One of our friends said that this is the most beautiful kitchen he had ever seen. Honestly.
Gary You're kidding me.
Nara Honestly, yes. No I'm not.
Sumon She said you must have spent more than what people spend on a condo to get the kitchen redone.
Gary Really?
Sumon Those were the exact phrase.

Most of our friends who have visited, they have been very excited to see the kitchen, especially the floor.
Gary It is a pretty neat floor. We've done a couple of cork floors and I think this is probably the one that's turned out the absolute best.

One of the things that was really unique about this kitchen is that the original layout was probably, what, a little bit longer, a little bit wider than your ability to touch two walls, maybe nine feet.

So what we ended up doing is we moved into the garage two feet, and that two feet made all the difference. You know. That and this grade arch that you had into your family room, which was just, I mean, a phenomenal, a phenomenal look what you have duplicated in other locations. And it makes the whole house completely open. It's really quite amazing.
Sumon The time you spent on showing how it would look, with different types of arches...
Gary With the computer rendering.
Sumon Yeah. That was another decision point.
Gary And what did you think of the overall craftsmanship of the guys at Signature Kitchens, Additions and Baths?
Sumon Both, it was very good in terms of the workmanship, and more than that, as someone had said, the customer service aspect of it, that if something needed to be fixed, they didn't say -- we have already done it.

For example, when Chuck made additional holes for that, they had to paint the whole thing again, because they had already painted it, but they didn't say...
Nara Yeah.
Gary They were fine with that and they just went about their business and got it done.
Sumon Yeah. I mean, one is doing it, the other is...
Nara Doing it happily.
Sumon Doing it be happily. And they did it happily.

And same thing like when this thing was six inches closer. And I asked you that -- this seems close -- even though that was the design we had approved, which was three feet.
Gary So even though... Because you get into it, I mean, you don't really quite know on paper what the net-net result is going to be.
Nara You don't see it visually.
Gary So you might want to do some modifications on the fly.
Sumon And you didn't say -- no, now it's another two hours or half a day's work and this would be x dollars or whatever.
Gary Actually I brought that invoice...
Sumon [laughs] I mean it was... As I said, it's doing it, and then doing it happily. And that difference I think made the difference in terms of how I would see Signature Kitchen.
Gary Well, thank you. I appreciate it.
Sumon Thank you.


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