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Kitchen Remodel Testimonial

Anika Hello. My name is Anika Selamin, and I'm a designer with Signature Kitchen, Addition, and Bath. And this is my customer and new friend, Carol Dowling.

How do you like to your kitchen?
Carol I love it. I think it's beautiful. It came out really well.
Anika Second of all, I'd like to ask you, what made you change the kitchen? What was wrong with the previous kitchen? Because when I came to measure it seemed to me that it was a pretty decent kitchen. It wasn't like brand new, but it was functional. Nothing was broken. It was a contemporary kitchen.
Carol It was somewhat outdated. The house was built in the late '80s, and it just wasn't super functional the way everything was arranged in here and it just needed to be revamped.
Anika I remember the sink was over there and the island was here is the cooktop, you had to go around the island and... Do you like the location of this?
Carol I love it there. Yes.
Anika You were a little bit skeptical about putting it in the corner but...
Carol But it came out really nice.
Anika What made you choose Signature Kitchen? And me?
Carol Well, the first time we were driving down Gude Drive and we saw the guy flipping the sign. And that's what actually drew us in. But after that, it basically boiled down to we liked your design and your ideas the best. I thought you were the most creative of the people we've talked to. And I just felt that we had a good relationship, and that things would work out.
Anika Another question is, how come you waited so long to redo the kitchen?
Carol When we first moved in here, it was OK. I mean, it wasn't horrible. It wasn't falling apart. But when we've been here now for 12, 13 years, something like that, and started thinking about, well, eventually when we get around to selling the house, it was going to have to be redone, and we thought we'd probably be better off doing it now so we can enjoy it for a couple of years before we have to sell it.
Anika When you designed it, you going to redo the kitchen. Did you have the vision? Did you look at magazines?
Carol I looked, but I really didn't have any ideas on how to solve the problems that were in here, how to rearrange things so it worked better. And that's why I relied on you for.
Anika Well, thank you very much. I hope you like your new kitchen.

And did it change anything in your life? Do you cook more in today more?
Carol No, I'm not a big entertainer, so, no. But it looks nice.
Anika You enjoy it more.
Carol Yeah. If anybody comes over, I don't have to be embarrassed any more.
Anika Well, I hope you're going to have many, many happy years in this kitchen and I hope shortly you're going to have little grandchildren sitting there.
Carol [laughs] Oh, I'm not sure about that. We'll see.
Anika Thank you very much.
Carol Thank you.


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