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Modern Bath & Kitchen Design. Greater Cabinetry Capacity.

Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths frame-less cabinetry such as Design Craft offer more space inside each cabinet. The reveal between cabinet doors provides that sleek look you want.

How is there more room inside our Design Craft Cabinetry?

A traditional framed cabinet has a 1.5″ face which requires a smaller drawer than a our Design Craft Cabinets which have no face frame only 3/4″ side walls. This adds 1.5″ of interior space to every cabinet and allows all drawers and roll out shelves or trays to be that much larger in every drawer & door cabinet. In addition the wall cabinets come 13″ deep vs 12″ deep. The extra depth and width allow those larger plates which have become so popular to easily fit into wall cabinets. All of the extra space allows more of what you need in the kitchen. Larger plates, wider serving platters, bigger pots and pans all of your stemware and more room for utensils.

There is more to our Design Craft Cabinets than just greater width and depth. Once you go frame-less you are often also going sleeker more European much more modern in your design sensibilities. Review our displays and doors and you will quickly see the design difference. Come In Sit Down Talk to a Designer Today!

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