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The kitchen is the center of all activity in the home and establishes your first impression to guests. Versatile and multipurpose, kitchens have many uses beyond just cooking. Study sessions and holiday parties both tend to concentrate in the kitchen, emphasizing the room’s social attraction. However, an ill-designed and dated kitchen will put homeowners at a disadvantage. If your kitchen has a narrow layout or old appliances, your room needs a remodel to achieve its full potential. Remodeling your kitchen will benefit your home immensely, upgrading the aesthetic appeal and overall market value.


If you live in Kensington, MD and want to remodel your kitchen, our team is here to help! Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths is an asset in the Kensington community. We value transparent communication and work with the customer to achieve the best possible results. From the kitchen design to the remodel, we operate with strict attention to detail to build beautiful kitchens in Kensington, MD.

The Value of Teamwork

During the remodeling process, collaboration makes a considerable impact. Our kitchen designers and remodelers combine their skills and expertise to create the perfect kitchens for our customers. The natural synergy between the two teams is incredibly beneficial, and each area of expertise is complimentary.

Designers craft a design plan based on the customer’s distinct taste and budget, as well as the kitchen’s intended purpose. Kitchen remodelers, often known as craftsmen, emphasize the “how.” They use tools to bring the design to life and focus on the logistics of the layout. Each role is significant, and their teamwork is a recognized asset for the kitchen remodel.

The Kitchen Remodeling Process>

There are many benefits to remodeling your kitchen, such as higher resale value and boosted aesthetic appeal. Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths follows a set remodeling plan to enhance your kitchen! Our top-notch services and highly experienced team are unmatched.


An organized remodeling process will streamline the project timeline and ensure high-quality results. Attention to detail is key, and each aspect of the kitchen remodel must follow all building codes. With eight calculated steps, our remodeling team will bring your dream kitchen to life. We value transparency, keeping the customer in the loop during all stages of the kitchen remodel. The 8 step kitchen remodeling process is as follows:

  1. Acquire Permits: Before we start your kitchen remodeling, all building permits must be approved. The Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths team will craft a remodeling plan that is in tune with all building codes for Kensington, MD. All structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing procedures will be submitted for permit approval.
  2. Safety Guarantee: Remodeling your kitchen can be an invasive procedure that exposes loose electrical wires or even sharp nails. A safe work environment is vital for both the customer and the Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths team. Your safety and wellbeing is our top priority. Our team will install dust barriers at all entries to the room to create a safe environment. However, we strongly advise caution. Keep children and pets out of the remodeling zone until the kitchen is finished.
  3. Demolition: The demolition stage creates a blank canvas for remodeling. All appliances, cabinetry, and wires are removed from the kitchen. We disconnect the plumbing and electrical systems. The room is framed for the remodel.
  4. MEP: Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work is handed off to our trusted trade contractors. The third party team will set up all systems in the kitchen, but our team will keep in close contact to ensure consistent quality.
  5. Building Inspection: Kensington, MD customers, are eligible for third party inspection services, confirming that all remodeling work is up to code.
  6. Close the Kitchen Remodel: As the project approaches its end, our craftsmen will add all finishing touches. Drywall, flooring, cabinetry, and appliances are installed, and the room is polished with a fresh coat of paint.
  7. Final Touch Up: While our team adds the kitchen backsplash, a plumber will set up the faucets and piping. All lighting fixtures and cooktop will be installed and powered by an electrician.
  8. Enjoy your finished kitchen: The last step is a fan favorite! It’s time to review and enjoy your new kitchen. Break-in the room with a celebratory dinner or host your next family party! Our team is still available to answer any questions or concerns. Customer satisfaction is our chief concern, and we strive to provide the best possible service.

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