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Six Bathtub Designs for Any Bath Lover

by Posted on March 5, 2021

Here are six unique bathtub designs that are perfect for any Kensington, MD bath lover.

There are hundreds of bathtub designs. Here is an example of a “undermount” bath.

Many people in modern Kensington, MD opt-out of taking baths, going for showers instead. A shower is a faster approach to bathing, which works well with most people’s full and busy schedules. But there are still plenty who like to get clean the old-fashioned way in a bathtub while also taking time to unwind and relax. Baths have many mental health benefits and are a virtually free way to relieve stress. Therefore for any Kensington, MD resident, a bathtub design should be very important. When done correctly, a nice bathtub can complete the look of a beautiful bathroom design.


Alcove bathtub designs are the most quintessential bathtubs there are. Almost everyone grew up with this type of tub. They are built directly into a slot in the wall and consist of three walls and a curtain. These types of tubs are especially wise for anyone whose bathroom design is a rather small workspace since most alcove tubs are up to 60 inches long. Also, they can easily be combined with a shower


A corner tub’s name is in its design. These space-saving bathtubs usually allow for a bit more room than an alcove tub but still save room. Try one with jets for a hot tub-like experience!


A drop-in tub, or a mounted tub, usually is installed into a preexisting ledge attached to the wall. This allows for a little bit of an edge around the basin to conveniently place bubble bath, oils, and any other bath product you desire.


An undermount tub is very similar to a drop-in tub. The main difference lies in placement. While a drop-in tub is attached to a wall, an undermount tub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. This is ideal for large, fancy master bathrooms

Japanese Soaking Bathtub Designs

Japanese style “ofuro,” or soaking bathtubs, have been used in Japan for centuries, but only recently have they made their way over to the Western hemisphere. Soaking bathtubs are usually round in shape and rather compact in size. Most include a small ledge inside to sit on rather than sitting on the very bottom of the tub. These tubs are designed for long, hot baths to really cleanse the mind and body. 


For those with mobility issues or maybe just tired feet, walk-in tubs are a perfect orthopedic option. These tubs feature a sealed door that opens and closes to allow a person to walk right in as opposed to stepping over the ledge. Many versions offer jets for pain relief and retractable seating for those who need to take a rest once inside. 

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