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The Best Kitchen Showroom in Fairfax, Virginia

The Best Kitchen Showroom in Fairfax, Virginia

Signature Kitchens, Additions, and Baths has the best kitchen showroom opened and ready for you to explore in Fairfax.

Are You Ready for a New Kitchen in Fairfax?


Fairfax is an affluent community located in the state of Maryland and close to Takoma Park. Each home holds unique charm, and we know you want your kitchen to reflect that! Come check out a beautiful kitchen showroom to brighten your ideas and bring inspiration to your new kitchen design!

Drop By Our Kitchen Showroom!

There are a lot of kitchen and interior designs out there for you to choose from. Whether you are perusing online or skimming through design magazines, nothing can quite beat the experience of seeing amazing kitchen designs in person within a kitchen showroom! That is why Signature Kitchens, Additions, and Baths has the best kitchen showroom opened and ready for you to explore in Fairfax.

Prepare Your Questions

When you visit our kitchen showroom, we hope you will come stocked with all of your burning kitchen design questions!


The first step in our kitchen design & remodeling process is to meet and discuss your ideas at the kitchen showroom. You will meet with one of our accomplished project designers and begin outlining the details of your new kitchen design!


Naturally, we expect that you will have a number of questions for us. The more the better. You might ask:

  • How much should a kitchen design or remodel cost?
  • How long will design, cabinets and construction take?
  • Does Signature do its own work or is it subcontracted out?
  • Are you licensed, bonded and insured in MD, DC and VA?


Ask about anything that comes to mind so that you can feel at ease throughout our entire design process!

Your Budget is Important!

No matter what range your budget is in, we will spend time discussing your budget extensively. We will also discuss what kind of design elements and features you are looking to incorporate. We’ll show you similar projects and discuss what our past customers invested in their kitchen designs. We may do an informal 3 column budget so you understand all the broad components of your project. We will discuss product possibilities available in your budget range.

Everything at this initial meeting in our kitchen showroom is painted in broad strokes, so do not overstress about it! We don’t expect you to decide on particular materials or specific decisions on how much you want to invest in the space. We just want to get a general idea for what kind of budget and project size you have in mind.

Visit Our Signature Kitchens Additions and Baths Showroom Today in Fairfax, Virginia Today!

Come visit us in Fairfax and check out our kitchen showroom in person! See the newest designs and sit down with one of our professional designers to start the discussion about your new kitchen! Contact us at 301-547-3866 or online. Our showroom’s hours are Monday through Friday from 10AM–6PM and Saturdays from 10AM–4PM.


The holidays are just around the corner. Come in and sit down and talk with a designer today!