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Tips for a Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom Design

by Posted on February 18, 2021

Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom Design in Washington, DC

A raised sink basin and natural wood cabinetry are a great place to start converting into a farmhouse bathroom design.

City living in the United States Capitol is fun and exciting for most city dwellers, but sometimes urban bathroom design looks too outdated for 2021. Why not revisit your roots with a unique farmhouse bathroom design? Just because you live in Washington, DC doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with an outdated bathroom style. A farmhouse styles bathroom is a perfect way to bring some old-fashioned country flair to your new urban home, no matter how small. Here are a few tips on creating this vintage, cottagey look for your home even in the busy and lively District. 

Install a Vanity with Raised Sink Basins in Your Bathroom Design

Raised sink basins are all the rage nowadays. They are usually installed on top of cabinets, leaving some room on the side to place toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and other bathroom staples. This allows the water to be contained inside the sink basin, rarely splashing outside onto other appliances. Try installing a natural wood-stained cabinet underneath for some extra storage. If your bathroom is large enough, try adding a double vanity for even more storage space

Consider a Clawfoot Bathtub in Your Bathroom Design

Clawfoot tubs have been used for centuries in the United States. They are a staple of vintage bathroom decor. Clawfoot tubs are a great way to enhance the “farmhouse” look for your bathroom design. These tubs are raised a bit from off the floor, which prevents overflowing a lot better. Plus, they are just so aesthetically pleasing. 

Make a Kitschy Shower Design

If you are more of a shower guy or gal, perhaps try and make a built-in shower. A common trend in farmhouse style is to use small tiles almost in a mosaic style to make up your wall. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fun patterns and colors in your shower’s bathroom design as well. This can add a pop of vibrance to your bathroom. 

Use Vintage Decoration Pieces

After installing your cabinets and bathtub, a nice set of decorations can bring the farmhouse look together. Try authentic vintage pieces to accent the old-fashioned flair. Good examples are gold-plated mirrors, ceramic soap holders or containers, fancy imported soaps, and vintage paintings and/or replicas. Want something even fancier? Try hanging a small raindrop-shaped acrylic chandelier above the bathtub. This will enhance your bathroom design with an instant look of elegance, and it’s something fun to look up at while relaxing in the bath.

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