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3 Questions to Ask Before Your Bathroom Design

by Posted on September 11, 2019

3 Key Questions to Ask Before Your Bathroom Design in Silver Spring, MD

Find the perfect designer for your Silver Spring, MD bathroom design project!

After narrowing your search for the perfect bathroom designer to remodel your Silver Spring bathroom, you have a couple of questions left to ask before you hire them. That’s great; you’re doing your due diligence in finding the right bathroom design for your home.

There are many questions you should ask a designer when vetting their background and abilities to deliver a finished result you’ll love. Here are the three most important questions we think you should ask your bathroom designer in Silver Spring and the why behind asking each question. Gauge their answers, and you can feel confident in your choice for a designer to build your dream bathroom.

1. What is your design process like?

You definitely want to ask what their design process will be like, especially as it applies to the type of project you have in mind for them. By asking about their design process and the thought that goes into their work, you can understand if the bathroom designer’s vision and style match yours. The right designer will be able to guide you through their thought process. Furthermore, you want to hear them justify why their recommendations on top of what you fancy will give you a finished bathroom that can exceed your expectations! 

2. What can I expect from the work that will be done?

You outlined the needs and ideas of your Silver Spring bathroom redesign to the designer. Now you can tell if they listened and paid attention to the details. Based on the scope of your bathroom redesign and the consultation so far, the designer should relay to you a fairly comprehensive plan on not only the design but the logistics of the project completion too.

The bathroom designer can show you their portfolio of finished work and testimonials from their past clients’ bathroom designs. Those shouldn’t be the only things to clue you in on a designer’s ability to deliver. They should have an answer ready for the time frame of completion or about any billing and cost calculations questions you have about your bathroom remodel.

3. Do you have any questions for me?

Lastly, make sure you ask them to ask you questions! If a bathroom designer asks you to fill them in on any details you haven’t touched on yet, that means they care about your satisfaction with their job above all. They want you to get what you are paying for and not for them to assume you will want your bathroom design done a different way. Still, hear out an experienced designer on their recommendations and their knowledge of design trends.

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