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5 Senior-Friendly Bathroom Design Elements

In Silver Spring homes with older adults, homeowners should consider a senior-friendly bathroom design. Remodeling bathrooms to meet aging adults’ added comfort and safety needs is a small investment considering the independence and ease of use these changes can add to older adults’ lives.

While a senior-friendly bathroom design in Silver Spring makes it easier for an older adult or caregiver to overcome challenges in a standard bathroom, these enhancements work beautifully for many elegant bathroom designs as well.

Here are some considerations and modifications you can make to create a senior-friendly bathroom design in Silver Spring, MD.


A senior-friendly bathroom design in Silver Spring puts accessibility and safety first.

  1. Widen doorways for accessibility: Accessibility is essential for a senior-friendly bathroom design in Silver Spring. Older adults are likely to use mobility-assistance devices such as wheelchairs or walkers to get around the home. Widening the bathroom doorway is a simple way to allow for more space to accommodate these devices. Apart from expanding the door frame, consider other ways to improve accessibility, such as swinging the doors out or installing pocket doors that remove the need to turn a doorknob. Large doors feel grander in design, as well.
  2. Toilet modifications: Aside from adding handrails around the toilet for extra support, there’s another often-overlooked toilet modification that can let seniors use the restroom more comfortably and independently. Switching out standard toilets for higher ones at a “comfort height” is a helpful enhancement. Most ADA-approved public restrooms use taller toilets because it puts less strain on the user’s knees, legs, and hips.
  3. Extra lighting: Lighting is a vital aspect of any elegant bathroom design, but it’s especially useful for those with diminishing eyesight and those who frequent the restroom at night. Overhead lighting and accent lighting should not be overlooked. Homeowners can opt for additional motion-sensor lights or nightlights, although remodeling a restroom to allow for natural light through windows or skylights is an excellent option.
  4. Accessible storage: Having plenty of bathroom storage offers immense utility, but bear in mind that not all reaches of storage are as convenient for those with limited or reduced mobility. Keeping the bathroom generally clutter-free is a must, which you can do with ample bathroom cabinets. Keep their most frequently used items in the drawers and cabinets that are easiest for them to reach. This way, they won’t need to rely on someone else to reach their daily medications, cosmetics, or other personal care items.
  5. Safer shower: A safely designed shower will reduce the chances of a slip and fall incident. Anti-slip shower floor tiles and shower seating are standard in senior-friendly bathroom design, and they look luxurious in most other applications too. Consider a curbless shower with a glass enclosure to make it safer to get in and out of the shower or tub. This removes an obstacle from maneuvering the shower entry, not to mention this design makes for an impressive aesthetic that most elegant homes are going for.

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