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Why You Should Design First, Budget Next

by Posted on January 3, 2020

Germantown Bathroom Remodel: Why Design First, Budget Next

Consider this approach to the design process for your next Germantown bathroom remodel.

Before you get turned off of the idea of placing the design process above budget, we have some pretty good arguments for putting design first and budget next. 

Sure, we understand that your Germantown bathroom remodel requires a significant investment of your time and money. And we believe planned pricing and budgeting are important to the success of any remodeling and design project as well. You’ll find multiple articles across the internet calling for homeowners like you to set a budget before you set your sights on that perfect design. While that idea has its merits, you can also find yourself in project pitfalls if you don’t value your Germantown bathroom remodel design above budget. Here’s our case on getting better project satisfaction when you put design first and budget second for your Germantown bathroom remodel.

The Exact Bathroom Remodel of Your Dreams

Your Germantown bathroom remodel should incorporate all the design ideas you want and custom solutions you didn’t know you need. Confining your remodeling efforts to a set budget makes including these items difficult. Not only will the final bathroom design not fully meet your expectations, but you may also end up settling for less than what you had your heart set on when you first envisioned creating your dream bathroom. To get the most out of your Germantown bathroom remodel project, it’s simply more worth it to plan for the exact design you want.

The Designer’s Vision Help You

Still, it’s fine to let your designer know about your budget range if you already have one in mind. We recommend being flexible with this figure and working with your designer with an open mind. The designer wants to understand your needs and take in your input while crafting the custom bathroom remodeling design for your Germantown home. Letting them know any constraints in their design, including price, can help guide their process. Ultimately the design plans should reflect your vision with the expertise and practical perspective of the designer. Working with the same contractor to design and build your Germantown bathroom remodel means your team is working with a complete understanding of your project design and budget expectations.

Hard To Say Budget Anyways

Often, it isn’t easy to set yourself a realistic budget while getting everything you need, or want, in a remodeling project. Fixating on a number severely limits the potential makeover your project can achieve. What’s more, designers and builders are different too. Their price estimations, if they can give you one at all, aren’t a fixed figure to work from anyways. The homeowner and contracted parties must understand how pricing and payment will work in the designing and building process of the remodeling project.

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