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Kitchen Designers in Montgomery County

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, which means it should be a space that sparks joy and fills your home with excitement. It is the heart of your home and the room that gives the first impression to guests that visit your house. Does your Montgomery County home need a revamp in the kitchen? Does the kitchen design need a refresh and upgrade? The kitchen designers at Signature Kitchens, Additions, and Baths are the experts that the Montgomery County community trusts to treat your home’s design with care and quality service!

Our Expert Kitchen Designers 

When you meet with one of our kitchen designers and discuss your ideas and vision, they will put together several concepts of your new kitchen! It is a collaborative project that you will be involved in outlining and fleshing out every step of the way. 

Colors and Materials Galore!

Throughout the design process, you will be able to look through material and color pallets to decide what is the right match for your new kitchen design. Our kitchen designers will take the concepts you layout and pair them with beautiful pallets that bring together the kitchen design.

kitchen designers Montgomery County

Our kitchen designers will work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

A material pallet for a kitchen would probably contain the following:

  • Cabinet door style, species, and finish
  • Floor material, finish, and layout
  • Backsplash material, finish, and pattern.
  • Fixture finish and selection.
  • Under-cabinet, task, and ambient lighting.

Time to Get Creative!

Meetings with our expert kitchen designers are always fun and productive! Our initial design is always met with an excited response because you can finally see your wonderful new kitchen coming to life. Even if it’s not exactly what you are looking for, it is very exciting to see the possibilities and get started. Our kitchen designers know the process, and we are here to guide to the right materials, colors, and design for you new Montgomery County kitchen! 

The initial design becomes a starting point from which numerous creative concepts are developed. The initial meeting with our kitchen designers establishes a conceptual direction and concrete ideas, though not necessarily final decisions. We will start with the basics – cabinet style, species of wood, finishes, decorative plumbing, floor & wall materials, countertops, and lighting elements. We start with the broad strokes and then work our way to the details. That makes the whole process smoother and less overwhelming for you. 

Get Started with One of Our Brilliant Kitchen Designers!

The first step in our kitchen design & remodeling process is to meet and discuss your ideas at the showroom.  You will meet with one of our accomplished project designers and begin outlining the details of your new kitchen design!

Naturally, we expect that you will have a number of questions for us. The more the better. You might ask:

  • How much should a kitchen design or remodel cost?
  • How long will design, cabinets, and construction take?
  • Does Signature do its own work or is it subcontracted out?
  • Are you licensed, bonded and insured in MD, DC, and VA?

Ask about anything that comes to mind so that you can feel at ease throughout our entire design process!

Get in Touch with a Trusted Team of Kitchen Designers in Montgomery County, Maryland!

Our team values attentive and responsive customer service, so you know you are in trusted hands when you work with us. For more information about kitchen design in Montgomery County, visit our showroom and contact us today at 301-251-1880!


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