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Washington DC Kitchen Design Project on Huntington

Cindy Chance & Camilo Garcia of 3709 Huntington St. NW Washington, DC 20015 had a few things to say about their recent kitchen design remodel.
“Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths turned out tired old 1950’s row house kitchen into a beautiful, open space that has become the hub of our house. We had some ideas of what we wanted. Fabulously talented kitchen designer Joe Gelletich was able to take what we had in mind to the next level. It really is true that having a professional makes all the difference in the finished product. He steered us away from our bad ideas…but kindly, and toward a vision that felt like ours, but better. Signature did everything for us from the design consultation too careful in home measuring, selection of products, to removal of the old kitchen including a wall, to installation of our brand new kitchen.”

A Washington DC Kitchen Design Team

“The process was fun and stress free. Washington DC resident & senior bath & kitchen designer Joe Gelletich was very honest with us about the options and creative about working within our budget to get the best possible results. With careful planning, we had a very predictable kitchen remodel. The materials all arrived on time and the old kitchen was removed (including that ugly wall) right on schedule. The job was much neater that we had imagined because Signature’s employed craftsmen were very careful about how they treated our home. They cleaned up every day so that we did not feel displaced in any way. They even lent us a microwave and let us keep our old fridge (when the other appliances had already been carted off) to make the remodel easier on us and our kids. Workers arrived on schedule and work was performed on schedule. Communication with Gary Case the owner and Joe Gelletich was excellent, and the project was completed on time and budget. What I really appreciated was the kitchen design difference that having a professional made for us. Everyone who walks in comments on how this remodel totally transformed our home. Guests always mention the back splash that Joe Gelletich recommended. Also I appreciated that Joe and Gary were very honest. They warned us about the moments when delays could occur given issues we were managing in terms of infrastructure in our home and although we didn’t have any surprises, I appreciated that they are honest and open with their customers. I’d use them again.” said Cindy Chance

Excellent Bathroom & Kitchen Design Remodeling is an Investment in Your Washington DC Home

Camilo Garcia “Of course it is hard to spend the money on a big project like this, but when it exceeds your expectations and you know you’ve made an important investment in your home and your family life, it feels great in the end.”

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Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths owner Gary Case “Cindy & Camilio’s comments on this page were copied from their Angie’s List review. There are dozens more which are very similar. We are very proud of how much our customers appreciate our hard work & dedication both the designers and the craftsmen. It is easy to be intimidated by the intangibility of design. The closest similar investment is a car and you get to see and drive it before you buy it. A new bathroom, kitchen, addition or whole house remodel is intangible. It does not exist when you buy it. Therefore you need a high level of confidence in the kitchen designer, the craftsmen and the company. I think we accomplish that most of the time for most of our customers. Come in, sit down and discuss your aspirations with one of our designers. There is no fee or obligations to spend an hour talking, so why not? It is a good idea to call first and schedule the designers time, so they can focus on you.

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