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Bathroom Remodel Bethesda MD

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Master Bathroom




$42,000 to $52,000

Challenge & Solution

"The old bathroom was just ugly," Mrs. Beveridge said. "It was ugly and there was a giant bathtub that took up half the room...Read More


As Realtor since 1980 I can tell you that you will never get top dollar for your home in any market with out top notch kitchens and bathrooms. Period. Why might a master bathroom remodel be the better investment than a kitchen? Simple they cost less...Read More

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Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths a Bethesda Maryland bathroom remodeling contractor

Signature recently finished this gorgeous bathroom remodel in Bethesda MD. Gary Case, company owner of Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths, went back to the Beveridge’s’ home to talk with the homeowners about their Recent Bethesda bathroom remodeling project.

“After a remodeling project is completed we are occasionally lucky enough to video tape an interview with the homeowner” Gary Case said. “We’ve been conducting these remodeling interviews to shed more light on the bathroom design through bathroom remodel process” Standing in this recently remodeled bathroom, Gary Case and Mrs. Beveridge spoke about the reasons she & her husband moved forward with the bathroom remodel.

The Bethesda MD Bathroom Remodel could be put off no longer

“The old bathroom was just ugly,” Mrs. Beveridge said. “It was ugly and there was a huge whirlpool bathtub that took up half the room and we realized we simply never ever used it. We could have had a three piece band playing on that tub deck. It was ridiculous” The Beveridge’s wanted to remodel the bathroom ever since they bought the house three and a half years ago. Life gets in the way and putting things off is the result. “We also procrastinated because we made some prior remodeling mistakes. After spending some time at Signature’s fantastic showroom with our designer we finally started feeling good about resolving what we had put off for so long.” said Mrs Beveridge.

The decision was made to do away with the tub altogether and just have a large luxurious shower. This is a growing trend not just in Bethesda and the surrounding DC market but everywhere. Forbes magazine recently reprinted a Houz artical written by Erin Carlyle. A national survey conducted by Houz states that 27% of home owners choose to turn their overly large tub into a large luxurious shower. Of those homeowner “73 percent decided to include high-end features like rainfall shower heads, dual showers or curb-less showers, which have no threshold.” This is exactly tract the Beveridge’s took for their Bethesda MD master bathroom remodel

A master bathroom design remodel may be the best home investment you will ever make in Bethesda or anywhere for that matter

Gary Case a Realtor since 1980, although inactive since opening Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths in 2010 had this to say, “I can tell you that you will never get top dollar for your home in any market condition without a top notch kitchen and bathrooms. Period. Why might a master bathroom remodel be the better investment than a kitchen? Simple they cost less. You really need both but you could make the argument that the bathroom is a more efficient return on investment. Average hall bathrooms in the Washington Metro area will cost between the high teens and mid twenties and most master bathrooms are a mid thirties to mid sixties investment. Compared to a kitchen, prices are of course all over the map but if you think of a scatter graph with all the black dots the concentration is at $60,000 and $80,000.00.

What about tubs? After all if 27% of homeowners opt for a large shower what are the other 75% doing. They are not keeping the three piece band stand. According to the same Houzz study republished in Forbes homeowners are opting for freestanding tubs 90% of the time. At Signature we represent & display Oceania freestanding tubs which makes some great freestanding tubs soaking or air whirlpool.

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