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5 Must-Have Kitchen Features

by Posted on June 14, 2019


Design your dream kitchen in 2019!

When it comes to keeping your kitchen up to date on all the latest trends, there are plenty of features to consider for your next kitchen remodel. After all, the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the home. For all the time you spend in your kitchen prepping, cooking, entertaining and spending time with your family, your kitchen remodel should make the space as efficient, contemporary, and stylish as possible. Today, there are tons of technological features and modern trends to look out for in order to create your dream kitchen that it can be hard to keep up. Here are 5 must-have kitchen features to consider for your next kitchen remodel.

Pot Filler

Faucet placement can be inconvenient for filling large pots, especially when you’ve got a sink full of dishes and counter full of prep work during a dinner party or holiday event. Pot fillers are a feature that never goes out of style and adds convenience and luxury to your kitchen. They can be mounted into your kitchen backsplash wherever you can run a cold water line, so you’ve got plenty of freedom for placement and design.

Tray Storage Drawer

Like many homeowners, you’ve probably got an assortment of cutting boards, cheese boards, trays, and more that can be awkward to store with the rest of your plates and utensils. Tray storage drawers are a useful and creative solution to your tray storage woes! These drawers have vertical dividers that allow you to maximize efficient storage in your kitchen.

Coffee Bar

What’s more convenient than a specialized area for your coffee in the morning? Coffee bars are a great addition to any kitchen, generally keeping a coffee maker, microwave, and an assortment of mugs in a nook away from the main cooking area. No more shuffling around each other to make coffee, tea, and breakfast!

Dishwasher Drawer

Dishwasher drawers are an on-trend luxury item that can give you an edge when it comes to keeping up with dishes. These smaller dishwashers are great for cleaning smaller amounts of dishes in a sleek, hidden drawer. These devices are great for a little extra dishwashing power in the kitchen but are also a great basement, bar, or recreation room item.

Glass Doors

Glass doors on cabinetry is a fast-growing kitchen trend that is so versatile it can work in any kitchen. Cabinet doors with window panes give any overhead cabinetry the look and charm of a rustic hutch, and sleek glass doors encourage you to creatively store your plates, bowls, and cups. No matter the style in your kitchen, there’s sure to be glass door cabinetry that fits your decor!

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