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Kitchen Design Ideas That Create The Illusion of More Space

by Posted on December 20, 2019

Alexandria, VA: Kitchen Design Ideas That Create The Illusion of More Space

Alexandria, VA: Have you always wanted a large, luxurious looking kitchen? Check out these kitchen design tips to create the kitchen of your dreams!

Smart kitchen design concepts and tricks can do a lot to transform your kitchen. Often, many homeowners can be limited in the space of their small kitchen. However, changing up some kitchen design aspects can instantly give the impression of more space. If you’ve always wanted a more spacious and open kitchen, we’ve got a couple of tips to create the illusion of just that with thoughtful kitchen design. Plus, we think you’ll love the resulting modern style these tips come together to create.

Rethink the Layout

Admittedly, this is one of the most substantial ways to actually increase the square footage of your kitchen, not just the look of it. Reorganizing your kitchen layout to a more open L-shape or one wall kitchen lets you take advantage of the uninhibited floor space. If you like the look or utility of a kitchen island, and a built one simply takes up too much space, opt for a rolling work cart that you can move out of the way when not in use.

White Motif

White painted kitchen designs always feel the lightest, open, and airy. White walls and cabinets look clean and chic, especially accented by light counters and floors. To further enhance the light and bright look, use reflective glass accents, and add plenty of light to the overall kitchen space.

More Storage and Less Clutter

More storage means less clutter on display. Clutter gives the illusion of a crowded and cramped kitchen. Organize your trickiest kitchen items and keep the counters cleared of unnecessary tools by storing them in ample cabinet space. Additionally, eliminate other visual distractions and clutter by opting for sleek doors and minimal hardware designs. Be selective with the decorative items or ornate details you use in your kitchen design.

Sleek, built-in appliances mounted into the cabinet space of the kitchen also take up less counter space and prevent the room from looking cluttered from bulky machinery and cords.

Design Vertically and Horizontally

Vertically elongate the appearance of your kitchen by using short, close to the ceiling light fixtures. Again, the brighter lights will instantly open up the space, while short fixtures draw attention to the highest points of the ceiling. Lower hanging pendant lights or chandeliers, as elegant as they can be, can also visually close off the height of the room. To draw attention to the width of the kitchen space, use wood or luxury vinyl floor planks to draw the eye across the room. Area rugs or running mats along the kitchen path can also visually stretch the room.

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