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How Kitchen Designers Create Functional Kitchens

by Posted on March 20, 2020

How Montgomery County Kitchen Designers Create Functional Kitchens

Follow these tips from Montgomery County kitchen designers to create your beautiful and functional kitchen.

Have you noticed how many Montgomery County kitchens have a well-rounded kitchen design that appeals to form and function? That’s because kitchen designers in Montgomery County tend to follow some fundamental guidelines and considerations that only years of experience can teach them. Today, we’re letting you know some of those best-kept kitchen design secrets! Not all kitchen designers will automatically draft up a design to encompass the following tips, but these sure are useful concepts to keep in their toolbelt. These design considerations work wonderfully in many Montgomery County kitchens. However, your kitchen designer will ultimately present their ideas that suit your unique needs and style.

Cabinet Lighting

Having an ample amount of lighting in the right positions and placements makes a massive difference to any Montgomery County kitchen design. Kitchen designers encourage homeowners to install cabinet lighting systems wherever possible and seem fit to transform the room’s overall appearance. You can’t forget that we’re often working or searching for something when in the kitchen. More lights can make doing those tasks easier.

Ceiling-High Cabinets

Ceiling-high cabinets are as visually stunning as they are functional. Various styles of kitchen cabinets can be adapted into ceiling-high applications. They add an element of splendor to any luxurious Montgomery County kitchen, but they are just as well-suited for smaller kitchen spaces. This is because ceiling-high cabinet doors can create the illusion of a larger space vertically. Plus, cabinets that reach the ceiling tend to hold more items, since they require larger, if not taller, unit builds.

Hiding Eyesores

Eliminating or hiding eyesores in the kitchen is also at the forefront of many kitchen designers’ minds. For example, trash cans, even the modern stainless-steel, residential cans meant for freestanding in the kitchen, pose as distractions for the surrounding kitchen design. It’s best to take it out of sight, but just as accessible by moving it into a pull-out cabinet. Without careful consideration when bringing your new Montgomery County kitchen together, you find yourself noticing things that weren’t so bad before have now become blemishes to your kitchen. The biggest culprits are the existing appliances. While the machines may look fine on their own, when paired with your renovated cabinets, counters, floors, and more, the stark contrast can make these look antiquated. There are ways to hide and disguise, such as installing panels to transform dishwasher or refrigerator doors into looking like cabinet fronts. Sometimes, it may be worth the project to replace your existing appliance with a more modern model that suits the new kitchen design.

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